13 Things to do Before Writing an Article-My Personal Checklist

keyword researchFollow our keyword research tools article
Content Researchfind top results for targeted keyword and analyze their content
MetaChoose Title, URL, Description
Content Lengthminimum 2000 words
Keyword Densitysynonyms in alternate paragraphs
Paragraph length3 lines
Outgoing linksuse reference outgoing links to top results for targeted keyword
Embed Mediaembed media
Writingactive voice, answer questions, talk to reader, use headings subheadings, targeted keywords in the first line of the article, use links to internal articles, update old articles regularly. Follow our article about writing seo friendly articles
SyndicationSyndicate to medium, tumblr, feedburner, wordpress, diigo, dig, instapaper, pocket, growthhackers, twitter with hashtags, facebook page and groups
BacklinksGet backlinks from authority sites that were linking to top articles, product sites which you have listed, get quantity, get quality
Bounce Ratecreate intersting content so bounce rate is low. stop opening site yourself
Anchor Textexact match, partial match long tail, site name, naked url, here or website, image
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